Based on the clinical results.

Thirty-two topics were contained in the analyses. The utmost plasma concentration level was approximately 60 percent lower for AG200-15, and stable state concentration levels were 15 percent-20 percent lower for AG200-15 in comparison to a 35 microgram OC . According to the oral demonstration at ASRM, Daily EE publicity with the novel, low-dosage transdermal contraceptive delivery program AG200-15 can be compared with that of a low-dose OC. The daily dose of AG200-15 is around 30 micrograms EE and is definitely well within the number reported for low-dosage OCs.. Agile presents AG200-15 contraceptive patch Stage 2 clinical study outcomes at 66th ASRM Agile Therapeutics announced results today from a Stage 2 clinical study of AG200-15, Agile’s every week contraceptive patch containing ethinyl estradiol in combination with levonorgestrel .They come in handy for those that travel frequently. They do tend to slide some when you sweat so caution is advised. In case you are a frequent traveler, travel mats is highly recommended. They are light and easy to fold and carry, making it easy to apply yoga on the run. You will find bags that are designed to carry your yoga mats also. These all-purpose luggage can carry everything you need; extra clothing, water bottles and towels. They are perfect for taking to work or on vacation. A yoga mat is key to the practice yoga exercises. Yes, you will get by without one occasionally, but they are crucial to the future practice of yoga.