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However, he cautioned that SBRT needed further study in medical trials to fully capture survival and quality of life measures. Prostate cancer is the number one cancer diagnosed in men. I applaud MEDCAC for learning this important issue and appreciate the chance to take part in the forum, Dr. Zietman said.. ASTRO President speaks on radiation therapy for treatment of prostate cancer at MEDCAC meeting ASTRO President Anthony Zietman, M.D., spoke prior to the Medicare Evidence Development and Protection Advisory Committee conference today on radiation therapy for treatment of localized prostate malignancy.The researchers conducted a similar analysis of various other mutation-inducing proteins closely linked to Apobec3G and discovered that some of them also display signs of evolutionary pressure. These as well may have arisen to defend the sponsor genome against mobile genetic elements and could now play a role in defending against as-yet-unknown viruses. Malik said that there exists a great lesson to be learned from his lab’s analysis approach. If you study what a lot of people consider harmless oddities of the genome and sponsor defenses against them, you might uncover some extremely interesting areas of human disease.