Associate professor of microbiology.

Erle S. Robertson, associate professor of microbiology, the Tumor Virology Program at Penn Abramson Cancer Center and MD / PhD student Jason Knight, published their results last week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

CD20. Points the way to a possible drug for EBV-related cancers. Stop this step in the life cycle of EBV potential target for the potential target for the development of therapeutics for the treatment of EBV-related B-cell lymphomas, says Robertson. This is particularly important, since a large %age of respond the current to the current frontline treatment for B-cell lymphoma, a monoclonal antibody CD20. The researchers conclude that the first use of future therapies from these studies could in lymphoproliferative disease in transplant patients and immunocompromised individuals..The researchers now saying further studies are required. Some scholars would like to find out if omega 3 omega-3 – dietary supplements help patients with other forms of cancer.

200 patients with pancreatic cancer were investigated by Professor Kevin Fearon at Edinburch Royal Infirmary . There were two groups – – a high level-calorie, high protein supplement group and a high-calorie, high protein supplement with omega-3 essential fats and vitamins E and C. .

Cachectic causes diseases and is a factor in for the death of many patients as the it influence the metabolism and appetite. Fish oils decrease weight loss .

Would cachexia, the difficult exhaustion and were loss of weight with some advanced cancer types prevented if patients more more fish oils – the British scientist said.