AP / San Francisco Chronicle reports.

Proponents and opponents call a California ballot initiative parental parental notification for minors, abortion would be filed separate lawsuits last week in Sacramento Superior Court criticizing information for the official turnout pamphlets that voters are distributed presented, AP / San Francisco Chronicle reports .

‘These characterizations simply have no basis in fact, ‘Albin Rhomberg, a spokesman for the Yes on 73 campaign, adding: ‘This is the official turnout manual millions of homes millions of homes. J information must be correct ‘(Los Angeles Times.. To know parents ‘ right To Lawsuit the antiabortion group parents ‘ right to know, sponsored that Proposition 73, on Thursday claiming that claiming that the opponents of Proposition includes presented to the voter guide three ‘questionable ‘statements, the Times reported. The suit challenges the opponents claim that ‘millions of parents ‘against Proposition 73, a phrase that measure supporters said was, ‘political rhetoric.AcquiSci Inc. Obtain $ 21,936 stipend to a systemic anti-inflammatory the treatment of the cardiovascular diseases, which developed with a inflammation underlying.

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