And allergy sufferers are enduring among the worst allergy seasons in years.

The large pollen is covering vehicles, outdoor porches and furniture, but Hutto says people shouldn’t use a garden hose to remove it. ‘Cleaning the pollen off could cause it to become airborne, and you could have more exposure. In the event that you hose off your porch or car Even, it’s just likely to come back,’ Hutto said.. Ah-Choo! Pollen Blankets The Southeast The Southeastern United States has been blanketed in pollen in the past week, and allergy sufferers are enduring among the worst allergy seasons in years. In Atlanta, the pollen count reached 5,on Thursday 937 particles per cubic meter of surroundings. Records held by the Atlanta Allergy and Asthma Clinic show that’s the second-highest level it has documented.Related StoriesStudy: Programmable electronic glasses assist in improving vision in children diagnosed with lazy eyeResearchers discover two fresh structures in cornea of human eyeTyrogenex announces outcomes from phase 1 research of orally-administered X-82 in individuals with AMDThe ARVO Fellows will be officially inducted at the Association’s Annual Achieving this might at the ARVO/Alcon Keynote Session, Sunday, May 1 at 5:30pm. ARVO congratulates the fellows and thanks a lot them for his or her dedication. The ARVO 2011 ARVO Fellows are: 2011 Gold Fellows Nicolas G. Bazan, MD, PhD Harold E. Bedell, PhD Eileen E. Birch, PhD Claude F. Burgoyne, MD Chi-Chao Chan, MD James L. Funderburgh, PhD James F. Hejtmancik, MD, PhD John W.