Ana Ignjatovic and colleagues from St.

Ana Ignjatovic and colleagues from St. Mark’s Square Hospital and Imperial College London tried to confirm the efficacy, safety and clinical benefit of this simple and widely available optical technologies.

You waive the need for formal histopathology, which is time consuming, resource intensive and leads to delays in the patient to future cancer risk and screening intervals.

Therefore, techniques are efficient and cost-An article published Online First in The Lancet Oncology reported that the optical diagnostics is a reliable way to properly diagnose small colorectal polyps during routine colonoscopy. This approach and and economical alternative to conventional histopathology.Ritter Pharmaceuticals, , a pharmaceutical company focused on Digestive tract disorders announced today induce clinical researchers have inscribed the first patient in of its randomized, double – blind, placebo – controlled Phase 2 trial of RP – G28 to patients with symptoms associated with lactose intolerance. The study, which is being carried out by investigators at clinical centers in Honolulu, Hawaii and Dallas, expects about 80 patients recruits. Which objectives of the trial the efficacy, efficacy and safety of RP – G28 in treating the symptoms of the lactose intolerance. Ritter expects initial study results in the first quarter of 2015.

Pharmaceuticals, ‘Based In the promising results from of our development work we are pleased to of initiating the clinical trial, which are designed to longer fully characterize a therapeutic potential of RP – sender G28 in the treatment of lactose intolerant,’said Ritter, President & CEO Andrew Knights, ‘This is an important next step for RP – G28 Store provided the world suffer lactose intolerant. ‘. Source: Knight Pharmaceuticals.

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