Aging women show non-linear declines in fitness.

Aging women show non-linear declines in fitness, activity levels By MedWire Reporters Exercise amounts and cardiorespiratory fitness in ladies do not decline in a linear way with age, research displays. After age 60 years, fitness levels in women declined quickly, whereas physical activity amounts were highest in 50-year-old females and plateaued at age 60, statement investigators. ‘The menopause changeover seems to be a critical period to initialize and promote exercise, especially for sedentary women, as the accelerated decline in both activity and fitness begins around this right time,’ say Xuemei Sui and colleagues. In a sample of 1467 women participating in the Aerobics Center Longitudinal Study, the researchers assessed the aging trajectory of self-reported exercise, measured cardiorespiratory fitness objectively, and body mass index .Copyright 2009 Advisory Table Kaiser and Company Family members Foundation. All rights reserved.

63 % of cancer deaths for African-American men related to tobacco smoke A new analysis links tobacco smoke to 63 % of cancer deaths among African-American men in the United States. The smoke-related cancer death burden for African-American guys is highest in the South at 67 %, with the lowest burden – 43 % – in the Northeast. The %age is normally 60 in the West and 63 in the Midwest. The study, authored by Bruce Leistikow, associate professor in the Department of Public Health Sciences at the UC Davis School of Medication and Medical Center, in the August issue of Preventive Medicine appears online today and will be published.