Agilent introduces first commercial RNA target enrichment system Agilent Technology.

We’re assured that researching novel therapeutic targets such as oncogenic fusions will help facilitate development of personalized medicine for other cancers aswell. At the Broad Institute, and marks the most recent development to emerge from Agilent’s ongoing collaboration with researchers at the Broad. ‘Agilent SureSelect RNA Capture improves the performance of RNA-seq for cancer research and is an essential device for locating novel fusion genes from our tumor cDNA libraries,’ said Hiroyuki Mano, M.D., Ph.D, professor in Jichi Medical University and the University of Tokyo. ‘Discovery of EML4-ALK mutations in lung tumor has lead to the advancement of promising ALK inhibitors.Slightly below fifty % said the medicine didn’t work as expected, 23 percent learnt to manage without medication and 21 percent reported unwanted effects. Other reasons included cost, modification of insurance status, not wanting to use medication, advice from healthcare professionals and health improvements. A quarter said that they had switched to a fresh medication. ‘Encouraging people with long-term health conditions to persist with medication is usually common and problematic’ says Professor Linda Brubaker from Loyola University, Chicago, who co-authored the paper with urology colleagues from across the USA. ‘Recent database studies suggest that the number of OAB sufferers who stop acquiring their medication is much higher than clinical trials would suggest.