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Diaz clarifies that warm, dry summers accompanied by heavy rain causes mosquitoes to hurry breeding and look for more blood meals, which in turn creates more mosquitoes in a shorter time period. Similarly, as the wintertime season becomes more slight, mosquitoes and their eggs are surviving longer rather than becoming killed by the harsh winter freeze. These extreme climate adjustments allow for longer reproductive lives and prolonged breeding months, while increasing the risk of infected mosquitoes spreading malaria to the U.S. While that is a growing issue for the U.S. There are ways to help prevent the spread of airport terminal malaria. The very best defense against the spread of malaria through international travel is prevention, early treatment and recognition of malaria-infected patients, and draining stagnant areas of water where mosquitoes lay and breed eggs, says Dr.Related StoriesArchbishop of York agrees to become Antibiotic Research UK's PatronNovel mathematical method may help reduce advancement of antibiotic-resistant bacteriaStudy links antibiotic use during childhood to excess weight gainHealth systems signing up for the research effort will gain valuable evidence-driven insights by analysis of real-globe data to handle institutional and patient requirements specific to the management of serious infections due to antibiotic-resistant pathogens. SHARE ID members could have an opportunity to join a community of world-class infectious disease experts and participate on committees, attend SHARE ID meetings and talk about research-related outcomes with peers, among other activities.