Acne Types.

– Avoid alcohol products to tone your skin layer. Alcohol is a solid astringent that strips the very best layer of your skin causing sebaceous glands to produce more oil. – Do not squeeze or pick the acne with fingernails, pins or anything else. It forces the bacterias deeper into the skin and frequently leaves a permanent acne scar. – A wash is required after exercise. The moisture and high temperature trapped against your skin creates an ideal breeding ground for the spread of bacteria. – Consume food rich in Vitamin A, Supplement B-2, Vitamin B-3, Supplement E and Zinc like eggs, nuts, liver, milk, seafood and leafy vegetables. – Proper sleep and a existence without stress and psychological anxiety can reduce acne. – Wear small make-up while exercising.95 infected with hepatitis linked to Chinese clinic BEIJINGNinety-five people have been hospitalized after a private clinic gave them injections suspected to be contaminated with hepatitis C, Chinese state media say. The state Xinhua News Company says 120 patients who received treatment at the clinic in Liaoning province had been traced and screened for the disease and 95 of these are suspected to have already been infected with hepatitis C. It stated Tuesday that local authorities were tipped off that sufferers who had received vari-cose vein treatment could possibly be infected. It says the full case is being investigated.