Acne Myths And The Perceptions They Cause Acne is a universal problem among teenagers.

Recognizing what is causing the acne is an essential part of curing it, but recognizing what doesn’t cause acne could be just as important. Through the years, many myths possess passed down about what causes acne, plus they have caused ill-shaped perceptions. This article covers some of those perceptions and myths, and can dispel the misconceptions connected with those myths. It really is a myth that obtaining a tan can help get rid of acne. Despite the fact that a tan may help cover the redness due to acne, it won’t actually heal or prevent it. Add to that the risks associated with tanning beds and the sun, and your skin damage that may occur, and this may hurt more than it will help. It is also believed that consuming greasy, fried foods, or eating chocolate could cause acne.Centers for Disease Prevention and Control.5 million in new equity through a private placement to three of its existing shareholders: Forbion Capital Partners, Gilde Healthcare Partners and Arrival Venture Partners.34 per talk about, being the closing cost on December 29, 2011, when the shares were placed. The proceeds of this issue will provide additional flexibility to help expand explore its strategic options to secure the economic stability of the Company. The proceeds do not eliminate the Company’s negative collateral position, that may continue after completion of the equity raising, which is expected to take place on or around January 4, 2012, and the Company’s financial leads remain as described in the announcement of December 15, 2011. Related StoriesPerisylvian polymicrogyria gene foundMU experts treat canines with DMD, plan for human medical trialsDiscovery may open brand-new doors to focusing on how melanoma grows and spreadsAs a result of the private placement, the Company’s issued share capital will amount to 31,051,454 shares.