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According to the authors, the results show that STOP criteria rather than Beers criteria ADEs generally preventable or potentially preventable ADEs reveal and development environments which may have factored in the patients were hospitalized. We believe that this finding for the use of for the use of STOPP criteria in daily clinical practice as a means of reducing the risk of ADEs in elderly patients, they wrote. Call call for further research, the authors say: Given the current data show that PIMs clinically significant in terms of ADEs are, using the STOP criteria drug prescribing and dispensing in the elderly could be very valuable as a routine screening tool..

Coordination at this transition ,, with attention to the reasons for the start of each drug therapy in intensive care and discussion, if it can be stopped. ‘.

Alessandro Morandi, of Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in Nashville , and colleagues designed a prospective cohort study of patients aged 60 years and older, the time in the intensive care unit spent an academic hospital. The researchers examined prescription drugs in five points: preadmission , admission to a ward, recording in intensive care the ICU from the ICU and hospital discharge. They used Beers Beers drugs drugs were PIMs, and to determine a clinical panel PIMs PIMs goals.

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