According to Christopher Beard.

According to Christopher Beard, Curator and Head, Department of Vertebrate Paleontology at Carnegie Museum of Natural History, there is much led toontologists can teach medical students. ‘Many orthopedic problems occur because human ancestors walked on all fours,’Beard said.

Dan Lagiovane Carnegie Museum of Natural HistoryPITTSBURGH backache, year old problems, hernias? These are just some of today’s more common medical ailments back back traced back millions of years, when our human ancestors feet feet standing on all fours on her two hind legs. Cancer can be dated back even further Carnegie Museum of Natural History researchers have proof by a 150 – million-year-old Jurassic dinosaur bones, received his tumor yet.

John Mahoney, vice dean for medical education at the School of Medicine is working closely with the museum on the development of the initiative, specific programs , and planning for their integration into the medical student curriculum. Beginning in March, the initiative is the first offering mini – mini – elective ‘The Natural History of Medicine ‘for the first year medical students.‘automated tails gecko may is an excellent model for understanding spontaneous activity of partial or complete observed following partial or complete spinal cord injury,’says Russell. The new study is showing, BST for the motions of the shed dick at the far end of the tail starts, indicating that there a control station disposed there, which is probably be overwritten higher centers is poured up to the tail, at which point their potential is realized.

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