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This is a medical rather than a rationing decision. The record, issued by the guts for Medicare and Medicaid Providers. warned some Medicare beneficiaries could lose access to providers if the home bill becomes law. In response, Minority Head Boehner and other Republican leaders wrote to Barry Rand, AARP’s chief executive officer, to ‘strongly urge you to reconsider your endorsement of medical reform bill the home exceeded Nov. 7.’ In a statement, AARP spokesman Jim Dau said the combined group will not rescind its support of the bill. Dau said the group endorsed the House-passed costs because it will help control Medicare costs, close the ‘doughnut hole’ in Medicare’s drug insurance coverage and reform discriminatory insurance procedures.But parents should keep the potential benefits in mind also, he added. The findings are based on 23 studies that looked at tonsillectomy complications. Overall, Gozal’s team found, the most common problems included respiratory compromise, bleeding, nausea and pain. Four of the studies differentiated kids having surgery for rest apnea from those having it for recurrent tonsil attacks. Across those scholarly studies, children with rest apnea were five moments more likely to have respiratory complications.