According to a report conducted by the University of Haifa and Ben Gurion University jointly.

In this long-term analysis, ulcerative colitis activity was assessed using the Partial Mayo rating, which will not include endoscopic findings. Results showed: A reduction in observed mean Partial Mayo rating from 5.9 at the right time of first dose of HUMIRA to 1.4 at week 172 of HUMIRA therapy. A 55.3 % remission rate, per Partial Mayo score at week 60 of the extension study , as assessed in the intent-to-treat patients who enrolled in the open-label study extension. The info were presented this complete week at the American College of Gastroenterology Annual Scientific Meeting in NEVADA, Nevada, and the United European Gastroenterology Week Annual Interacting with in Amsterdam, HOLLAND.D. ‘These results provide valuable information and insight to further study the long-term usage of adalimumab in the treating ulcerative colitis.’ UC can be an inflammatory bowel disease marked by ulcers in the colon and could lead to life-threatening complications.Evaluation of the cerebrospinal fluid showed 125 leukocytes per cubic millimeter , 0 reddish cells, a protein degree of 97 mg per deciliter , and a glucose level of 24 mg per deciliter . The outcomes of magnetic resonance imaging of the top were unremarkable. A thorough infectious disease workup was unrevealing . Provided the low suspicion for bacterial meningitis, the individual received no empirical antimicrobial agents. He was discharged with instructions to continue his routine prophylaxis and regular intravenous immune globulin therapy.