According to a new research in Journal of Consumer Study.

We advise that overweight consumers try to avoid searching at ads with any models, slim or heavy , the authors conclude.. Advertisements make a difference women’s eating behaviors and intentions to diet and exercise Overweight women’s self-esteem plummets when they watch photographs of models of any size, according to a new research in Journal of Consumer Study. And underweight women’s esteem increases, regardless of versions’ size. Authors Dirk Smeesters , Thomas Mussweiler , and Naomi Mandel researched the ways people with different body mass indexes felt if they were subjected to thin or heavy media models. Our study confirms earlier study that found that regular body mass index females’ self-esteem can shift upwards or downwards depending on the model they face, the authors write.Mike Lee informed supporters it had been a ‘false narrative based on a complete lie’ and vowed to continue his efforts. ‘I want you to help communicate a message, a message to defeat a fake narrative predicated on an absolute lie that has been perpetuated by the political ruling class elite in Washington, D.C., that's been dutifully reported by an all-too-willing-to-comply media, and that lie that your time and effort to avoid funding Obamacare is an effort to shut down the government,’ Lee said throughout a town hall meeting on Thursday night. ‘It's a darned lie and I reject it’ .