Accelrys releases Pipeline Pilot NGS Collection at Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference Accelrys.

A wide selection of popular algorithms is available, including options for de novo assembly, mapping reads to reference sequences, identifying polymorphisms and structural variants, measuring RNA expression levels, and identifying transcription element binding sites. The features found in the NGS Collection are essential to supporting large-scale, business deployments and enabling agencies to derive full worth from the vast amounts of data generated by NGS instruments. The Pipeline Pilot NGS Collection accommodates the high performance computing required by NGS evaluation. This includes support for Pipeline Pilot’s own distributed processing system along with third-party systems such as Platform LSF, Altair PBS, and Oracle Grid Engine.The program will teach clinicians how exactly to identify patient applicants and conditions for which workplace hysteroscopy and saline sonography are likely to supply the most benefit. Simulation Wars – Wednesday, November 9, 8:00 AM. Medical simulation offers emerged as a very important and popular training device as systems have advanced over the past decade, enabling medical groups to master skills, practice protocols and apply vital decision making under practical circumstances. The AAGL Congress will take this training to a new level of enjoyment by pitting two groups against each other to resolve demanding medical scenarios in a simulated affected person encounter using manikins.