About Kidney Stones Kidney stone is one of the main diseases of kidney.

When urine concentrated the nutrients became granule and it became stones then. The kidneys strain the blood and take off the excess water and waste as urine. There are so very much waste chemical substances are in the urine. The will often from crystals that clump collectively to make stones. Kidney stones can from when substances such as calcium, oxalate and phosphorus became highly concentrated. Besides those because of medical condition some sociable people get kidney rock. There are four main types of stones.To start or join a group, visit alz.org/thelongestday. If a brain is experienced by you, you are in risk for Alzheimer's disease.org . To learn more on Alzheimer's disease and the inaugural Alzheimer's & Mind Awareness Month, go to alz.org/abam. Study Methodology The Alzheimer's & Brain Awareness Month International Study was executed by Abt SRBI. A total of 6,307 adults age 18+ were surveyed in local languages Might 22-June 4, 2014 in three modes: Surveys were executed online by sampling online panels in Australia , Brazil , Canada , Denmark , Germany , Japan , Mexico , Saudi Arabia , and the United Kingdom .