Abortion-privileges advocates.

Abortion clash moves to Senate as Centrists seek House-like provision in wellness bill Roll Call reports that the impending battle in addition has sparked the attention of the abortion-rights lobby. ‘Abortion-privileges advocates, who were outmaneuvered in the House’s health care reform vote, are banking on tougher Senate guidelines and targeted lobbying to maintain restrictive abortion vocabulary out of this chamber’s bill. The LA Occasions: ‘The Senate legislation contains looser restrictions on abortion insurance coverage than were authorized by the House. But at least one Democrat already, Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska, offers signaled that he may be willing to use abortion privileges opponents on developing language similar to the House’s.’ Others targeted by activists to aid such a move include Democratic Sen.The studies also will look at the part of our neighborhoods – and the impact of what is or isn’t in the ‘built environment’ where we live, work and perform- – on population health insurance and weight loss.’ Details on the grants announced today are the following: $250,000 to NY University School of Medication for a two-year study of the influence of the introduction of supermarkets through tax credits and other incentives in areas that are classified as ‘food deserts.’ This study will examine the effect of the introduction of a supermarket on the local food environment in the Bronx, and also the corresponding impact it could have on healthy eating habits of residents in regional communities in the area, which include large Latino and African-American populations.