Abnormal eye movements.

The present findings document that first-degree family members of individuals with autism demonstrate a distinctive pattern of oculomotor impairments identical compared to that previously reported in independent samples of people with autism, suggesting that these alterations within sensorimotor and cognitive brain circuitry might be familial traits, the authors write. Family members also demonstrated executive dysfunction on neuropsychological lab tests, communication abnormalities and improved rates of obsessive and compulsive behaviors, but they were independent in one another and from oculomotor impairments, they continue.Conditional recommendations were warranted when there is little or modest evidence of benefit, and/or the power did not greatly outweigh the risks. Recommendations for the administration of sufferers with PMR include: Suggestion 1 Strongly recommends using GCs instead of NSAIDs in patients with PMR, with the exception of possible short-term use of NSAIDs and/or analgesics in patients with PMR who have pain linked to other conditions. Suggestion 2 Strongly recommends using the minimum amount effective individualized duration of GC therapy in individuals with PMR. Recommendation 3 Conditionally recommends utilizing a minimum amount effective GC dosage within a range of 12.5-25 mg prednisone equivalent daily as the initial treatment of PMR.