A third of young adults too fat to become listed on military: report WICHITA.

The military has also seen a 61 % rise in obesity since 2002 among its active duty forces, traveling up obesity-related health care spending and costs to displace unfit military personnel, the statement said. Schmader, who retired from the military after 32 years and today lives near Leavenworth, is among a group of retired armed service leaders who has been going to schools around the condition promoting healthier lifestyles. About 99 % of the educational academic institutions in Kansas have followed healthier meals beneath the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Take action of 2010, which needs even more fruit, vegetables and whole grains in school meals, along with less sodium, fat and sugar. It was a major achievement, the first revise to school lunch rules in decades made to make school foods more nutritious.The AP examines growing level of resistance to HIV drugs: ‘A decade ago, between 1 % and 5 % of HIV patients had drug resistant strains worldwide. Now, between 5 % and thirty % of new patients are resistant to the drugs already.’ This article includes information about the rising rates of level of resistance in sub-Saharan Africa, and the difficulties in treating drug resistance in developing countries. The news service adds, ‘The US estimates $25 billion will be needed to fight AIDS world-wide in 2010 2010, but probably only half that sum will be available. That estimate doesn’t take into account drug-resistant strains, that could price $44 billion by 2010’ . In a second tale, the AP examines developing issues among public health experts over drug-resistant malaria on the Thai-Cambodian border.