A major study on the state of air pollution in 20 of Asia s major cities shows nutrition.

Study Reveals Clean Air Challenge for Asian citieshundreds of millions of urban residents breathe air so polluted with chemicals, smoke and particles that it dramatically exceeds World Health Organization limits with major impacts on health and the environment. A major study on the state of air pollution in 20 of Asia ‘s major cities shows, while improvements in the improvement of air quality, air pollution is still a threat to health and quality of life of many people nutrition . The study by the Stockholm Environment Institute ‘s center at the University of York and the Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities out he Asian Asian Environment Minister, the first public meeting held on the urban air quality in Asia on December 13 to 14 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia as part of the Better Air Quality 2006 Workshop.

The evaluation has shown that although there are underlying similarities in the air pollution problems in each city there are many differences.

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