A Journal of America Medical Association report claims Dinshah the therapy was fraudulent.

By 1924, the exponential increase in the popularity of color – therapy for the AMA had come to attention and rejection. A Journal of America Medical Association report claims Dinshah the therapy was fraudulent. Of course, no investigation was necessary. Professional jealousy and concern about financial gain is all the AMA and Big Pharma have to attack cost alternatives!

Sources and informationLet There Be Light 8th Edition, by Darius DinshahThe Dinshah Health SocietyLet There Be Light: The Healing Light of Spectro-ChromeColor Psychology and Color Therapy by Ruth PocsaiDinshah Ghadiali and Spectro-Chrome By Ken AdachiVibrational Healing by Joy GardnerAbout the author paul Fassa is warning others about the current corruption of food and medicines and guide others in a direction for better health with no restrictions on health freedom dedicated you can find his blog at to attend.

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