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This is the finding of research performed at the University of Loughborough and released in this month’s Individual Psychopharmacology: Clinical and Experimental. One hour after eating a light lunch they were given either a power drink or an identically tasting zero-sugar beverage. For the 1st 30 minutes there was no difference in the reaction error or times prices, but 50 a few minutes after consuming the beverages, the performance of these who had experienced the energy beverage started to slip, plus they became significantly sleepier. Other researched work shows that high energy drinks that contain caffeine shall increase concentration. A much better way to combat sleepiness is to have a drink that contains more useful levels of caffeine and combine this with a brief nap ..In some instances when there is risk to woman’s life abortion pill acts as true savior. But today, sometime unknowingly women have a baby when they aren’t prepared to raise a child in such instances mentally. Consuming an abortion tablet is the only option left for them. Surgical abortion can be a valid option for them However. Many women are not willing to go for invasive method when non-invasive option is available. If the pregnancy is confirmed and if it’s not too late then there is still a grace period is in their hand to take right decision at right time to save lots of themselves from future trouble.