A dark reticulated lesion In reticulated lentigines.

Epidermis biopsy showed an epidermis with an elongated rete ridge program that had darkly pigmented suggestions . There was no upsurge in the melanocyte quantities in the epidermis or evidence of junctional nests.. A dark reticulated lesion In reticulated lentigines, intense melanin pigment could be because of increased melanin production than melanocytic proliferation rather. Case presentation A 63-year-old man suddenly noted a dark 4 mm size lesion on the crown of his balding scalp . Dermoscopy showed a reticulated dark network interspersed with little dark dots .But the report from the National Middle for Health Statistics shows that even families with medical health insurance can struggle to pay bills. The statistics don’t lie – health care costs still burdening family members In 2012, 26.8 % of families in the usa experienced any financial burden of medical care, the NCHS team stated in its report. Almost 1 in 6 family members had problems paying medical bills in the past 12 months. Almost 9 % of People in america said they had medical bills they could not even pay. The nationwide government team examined results from an extremely large national survey of more than 43,000 families involving 108,000 people. They found, for one, that having children typically leads to even more medical bills.