5 minute Autism recognition test By Dr Ananya Mandal.

The only chance we have right now in changing that way to having full-blown symptoms is definitely early intervention, and there is no reason not to try. Kids often aren’t diagnosed until age 2 or 3 3, when symptoms like insufficient eye and engagement connection with parents and peers become more obvious. But this new research from UC-San Diego found pediatricians could actually use a five-minute questionnaire to successfully identify potential complications in communication and language skills during a 12-month-old’s wellness checkup. Queries included whether parents could tell if their infant was upset or happy, or responsive to certain cues. The team screened 10,500 infants and 184 scored lower than expected and were referred for further evaluation and tracked for 3 years.Underscoring how stretched the resources of affected West African countries are, Liberia opened its largest Ebola clinic to day on Sunday and no sooner experienced the ceremony ended than ambulances rushed there with patients. The service offers 150 beds. The disease that’s transmitted through fluids is definitely blamed for the deaths of more than 2,600 people in West Africa. In Sierra Leone, at least 77 bodies were buried through the shutdown and half of these examined positive for Ebola, Bayraytay said. Laboratory assessments are awaited for the spouse to see whether they also passed away of Ebola. Some 600 folks are believed to have passed away from the dreaded disease in Sierra Leone, a nation of 6 million people. Joe Amon, director of health and human privileges for Human Rights Watch, said there is little reason to believe the lockdown had been effective in closing transmitting since such methods are so difficult to enforce.