5 billion in cash.

Light, chairman and chief executive officer, Abbott. In anticipation of future market needs, we are ensuring the technologies are got by us, products, infrastructure and reach to serve patients and continue steadily to deliver sustainable industry-leading growth globally. This acquisition, and also the others we’ve announced this year all contribute to attaining that long-term goal, said Mr. Light. With this deal Solvay Pharmaceuticals has found a fresh strong home, within a respected company with a committed and solid position in the industry, comments Christian Jourquin, ceo, Solvay. Solvay’s pharmaceutical portfolio complements Abbott’s presence and expertise in specialty markets such as for example cardiovascular disease, gastroenterology and neuroscience.A majority of the abortions, about 88 percent, take place during the 5th week of pregnancy. Statistically, the majority of abortions are performed on blacks, about 3 percent, carefully accompanied by Whites , Hispanics accounts to 22 percent of all abortions and the rest is by others. Heading by the religion, Protestants will be the highest, with 42 percent deciding on abortions, accompanied by Christians at 27 percent, non believers at 24 percent and the others by others. On the bright side. There’s been a shift in the manner people react to abortions since 2009, with about 51 percent of them choosing pro life over pro choice. Abortion price has decreased by 8 % from 2000 to 2008 but this also will not cast a uniform picture in all segments.